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Winter cleanup, lights going up to cheer us on as Roger's Red grapevines make their brilliant pre Thanksgiving display of Yellow and Red, fruit trees go in the ground and messier limbs get untangled, trimmed and opened out for the winter garden. Berries are setting, Rosehips and other messengers of changing seasons.  Look for the human sized twinkly wreaths at the gates.


Plant and other WINTER Happenings: winter greens and herbs go into into the raised bed - the labyrinth meeting space hosts more bonfires... awaiting the Solstice all night vigil!


Plan your Group Meeting or Social Club Visit: An unusual venue for discussion, discovery of plantings and a great way to 'shake things up'.


Schedule a class or speaking engagement in the Garden Classroom ....  

Previous events: Sustainable Conservation and

the Math Science Research Institute -  MSRI.  Berkeley High School, Stanford University, The College Preparatory School and Piedmont Choirs.  The Edible Schoolyard Project Annual employee retreat - January 2014.  Welcome to educators of educators in the food movement.


UC Botanical Garden Staff and Docents' tour scheduled quarterly - get in touch for the next visit!


Garden Classroom and Conference Center

The secure 720 sf classroom with 12-foot open beam ceiling.

Dedicated WC, farmhouse sink & outdoor workbench. 

Adjacent gardens with Bay and City views. 


10 minute walk to UC Berkeley, 20 to BART.

Lecture seating for 40-60. Classroom for 24.

Inquire for non profit or corporate rates/discounts

"This is a breathtaking setting, not stuffy, very accommodating....

each detail laid out to your specification



Events & Group Visits. Please contact Kathy at klb1mtd@gmail.com 


Review the '09 Annual "Maybeck Country" architectural tour organized by BAHA.



View National Landmark and well known Maybeck Church on Dwight in Berkeley


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Sackhouse Gardens

Botanical Garden and Classroom in the Berkeley Hills

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